Gabriela Ristow-Leetz

    My professional career began as beautician. I also worked as flight attendant for 9 years. During that time I got married and raised a family.

    A crisis situation led me to reconsidering basic questions concerning healing, vocation and life in general. I studied, learned and experienced a lot. The curing powers of nature, its diversity and abundance, has become inspiration. Colours, Movement, breathing, water, food communication and meditation have led to personal growth.

    In 2008, I founded the forum for holistic therapy ‘In Farbe leben’, a place of joy and fulfilment. I was able to lead a happy life, full of purpose and well-being, with one exception: financial constraints.

    At that time, Young Living products had already been in use in my family and we all truly enjoyed them but it wasn’t until October 2013 that I began using the oils for my professional life. My first event, an info evening together with my friend Elke Wollschon was such a joy and tremendous success that I simply cannot stop sharing the essential oils with other people. Financial Freedom was the missing link in my life. Young Living is truly Wellness, Purpose and Abundance.

    Do what you love and let your friends participate, that’s how I want to build a convincing team of oil lovers.

    Essential oils, pure natural essence contain so much information/knowledge/wisdom for us. They promote health and help us to focus on the inside, to listen carefully to once again receive nature through the scent of the oils and to fully savour the taste of life. The oils are my patient companions, they support my passion to counsel, inspire, motivate and care for people.