That's how we work- Network Marketing

     Why is Young Living a Network Marketing Company?

    I have been asked that question on a number of occasions, and also if it is a pyramid or a snowball system. Network Marketing means recommending products. Young Living’s essential products require people who are willing to share, with passion and commitment.

    After three years working with Young Living I say that there is no fairer system. It is the perfect opportunity to build your own business with only little investment. It is all about entrepreneurship. You are self-employed and every partner builds up his or her own business. People who are willing to work hard will greatly benefit.

    • Yes, it means hard work
    • You have to invest time
    • You have to be committed
    • You must be ready to learn new skills

    But hey folks, is that so much different to other types of business?

    Today I look at my business within the Young Living community as something like a Pyramid upside down. I am working at the roots and have many possibilities to grow and expand with the support of a team I can select. I have a lot of freedom and also a lot of responsibilities. It is great, it is fair, and it is the best I have seen. There is only one mistake you can make and that is quit too early.

    You need good self-management, the ability to reflect from various angles and people who are loyal and sincere. A non-professional attitude will not yield the desired results and only tarnish the reputation of the entire business. Go to work professionally, part time or full time, and you will create a great chance of economic success for yourself.

    I am really proud and happy to say: I am a professional Networtk Marketer. I have wonderful products, a great company and a fantastic team by my side. To me, this means ‘living love’.